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The Bekah-Verse

Welcome to the Bekah-Verse. The world of Rebekah, Malakai, Sophie-Rose, Samuel, and Jinx. Of their friends and family, and sometimes an enemy or two.

Stories that stretch from Alberta, to Vancouver Island, to Ontario, to New York, and soon, all over the world.

Patterson Boarding School



Rebekah in University

Joint Honours in Business and Political Science with a Double Minor in Communications and History at CadCapital University

Senior Project

Title: Management Strategies in a Political Setting

Dance Club

Dance classes and social events

Social Outreach Club

Community volunteering placements

International Business and Management Association

Networking events and business case competitions

Women in Business Association

Networking events and mentor placements

Model United Nation Association

Model UN conferences 2-3 times a year

Interfaith Association

Keep the interfaith chapel stocked and clean, resources for multiple faiths, monthly interfaith lunches

Centre for Multilinguilism

Monthly potlucks for different countries, drop ins for conversations and language practice, certificates for every language after three, need to be bilingual to join

Public Speaking Club

Speaking competitions and classroom training for junior high and high school students

CadCapital University Crisis Centre

In her 4th year, one shift a month for call centre, one shift a month to run an in person support group

Masters of Business Administration (Columbia University - done while working at Poppers)

Honorary Doctorate of Political Science from Columbia University

Rebkah Uni

Malakai in University

1 year Liberal Arts at 

1 Year in the Engineering Faculty at University of Victoria

Bachelor of Arts in Theology at University of Victoria

Spent 1 year at a liberal arts college, 1 year in engineering, before switching to this degree

Musical Theatre Club

     Put on a musical in February, every year

Masters of Theology (online)

PhD in Theology (online)

Malakai Uni

Rebekah at Work

Grade 8-10 Busser & Hostess at The Socialhouse Restaurant & Bar (hometown)

Summer after Grade 8 Junior camp counsellor at Redwood day camp (hometown)

Grade 9 Drive-thru attendant at a A & W (hometown)

Summer after Grade 9 Camp counsellor at Regional College art camp (hometown)
Grade 10-12 English, French, Social Studies, Math tutor (at Patterson Preparatory School)

Summer after Grade 10 Hostess and cook at Marvin's Restaurant & Bar (hometown)

Summer after Grade 10 Drive-thru attendant at Subway (hometown)

Summer after Grade 10 Day nanny (hometown)

Grade 11-12 Dance teacher at on-campus studio (on Patterson Preparatory School campus)

1st year-3rd year Hostess at Oliver's Restaurant & Bar (Ottawa)

Summer after 1st year Front desk at The Grand Hotel (Ottawa)

2nd year Night desk and office secretary at The Grand Hotel (Ottawa)

Summer after 2nd year Data assistant atCanadian Heritage (Ottawa)

3rd year through summer Assistant to a Member of Parliament (Ottawa)

3rd-4th year Bartender at Em Nightclub (Ottawa)

Fall, 4th year Assistant sustainable resource manager at Cap Outdoor Equipment (Ottawa)

Winter and spring, 4th year Junior management consulting officer at M & M Consulting (Ottawa)

5th year Case worker for international relations department at Eleveir Political Consulting (Ottawa)

During MBA Case worker for international relations department at Popper Consultations (New York City)

CEO of Loving & Co. Global Affairs consulting company (New York City)

Owner of Bloom Restaurant (New York City)

Rebekah Work

Malakai at Work

Grade 11-12 Camp counsellor at North Island Bible Camp (Vancouver Island)

1st Year Bartender at McCauley's Pubhouse (Whistler)

Summer after 2nd year Server at Waves seafood restaurant (Victoria)

Summer after 4th year Server at Dave's seafood restaurant(Victoria)

Server at Minno restaurant & bar (Ottawa)

Actor at an off-Broadway musical (New York City)

Cashier at Loom's Cafe (New York City)

Secretary at Loving & Co. Global Affairs (New York City)

Professor of Theology at NYU (New York City)

Malakai Work


Loving & Co


The Restaurant




The Restaurant

- A high end restaurant for affordable prices

- Classic, signature, and craft cocktails, all topped with a flower

- Every three days, fresh flowers are delivered to the restaurant and the on site florist creates arrangements for the restaurants. Floral arrangements are also sold at the host stand.

- All the art and photography inside is by young, unknown artists, and is sold through the restaurant. All the money from the purchase goes directly to the artist.

- Dress code for the restaurant is smart casual to semi formal

- Social Programs: the restaurant runs cooking classes for low income parents, former inmates, and youth. Each program is slightly different, with different focuses. The low income parents class focuses mostly on nutrition and cooking well on a budget, the inmates class is to train them in kitchen skills and help them find a job, and the youth program helps them learn to feed themselves well and how to cook properly

- All left over food at the end of the night is donated to the shelter down the street

- Once a week, the restaurant hosts a free meal for anyone who needs it

- The restaurant runs a youth employment program that trains 16 to 20 year olds in a variety of skills and helps them with building resumes and other skills to build their employment and help them with their careers



"My home is wherever you and my slippers are" - Rebekah

Take a glance inside the lives of Rebekah, Malakai, and their family, through the homes they have lived in together and apart

Friends and Family

Friends Homes

"She keeps a calendar with the colour green that says 'family'. Only they aren't related to us. She just built her own family." - Malakai

Rebekah's friends spread across the world and some came back together, but they stayed in her thoughts and spent a lot of time travelling to see them.

The Nicholl-Loving Wedding

Green Script Plant Rustic Floral Wedding

The Ceremony

The ceremony took place in the gardens on Whitewood Estate. Because of the October date, the trees and hedges were turning orange, and the flowers were made up mostly of burgundy peonies. 

At the end of the aisle, a trellis was set up, draped with flowers, English ivy vines, and chiffon, for the couple to stand under. 

Gorgeous wooden chairs were in rows and a sign at the front reminded everyone there were no sides and to sit wherever they felt like. On the ends of each row was a lantern with a candle and a burgundy peony attached to it. 

They had an interfaith minister perform the ceremony. 

The Traditions

Something old: Rebekah's maternal grandmother, Faith Noël, gifted her the silver comp with silver flowers that she had worn for Rebekah's mom's wedding. The hair piece that Rebekah wore in her bun, just above her veil, had small jewels that had been added to represent Faith's two daughters and four grandchildren. The spot for Rebekah's aunt Jordan's was empty, the jewel removed after her death. 

Something new: Rebekah just used her burgundy lipstick as her 'new' item

Something borrowed: Sandy lent Rebekah matching silver cuff bracelets, Avlynn lent her a pair of diamond earrings, and Juliette lent her a delicate silver chain.

Something blue: Navy blue thread was used to embroider the date andtheir initials onto the bottom of one of the layers of Rebekah's dress and the underside of Malakai's tie. 

Hand fastening: A Celtic tradition Rebekah chose to include, a piece of silk was wrapped around the couple's hands at the end of the ceremony, to signify their bonding. 

Bagpipes: A second way to incorporate her Scottish heritage, the cake was piped in.

Blessing of a Happy Couple: A Baltic and Nordic tradition, at the reception a couple is chosen to give a speech to bless the couple. Malakai tried to insist that one of his cousin's do it but Rebekah refused especially because it was a part of her family's tradition and not his, and in the end they chose Gabriel and Jenny. 

The Reception

After the ceremony, everyone slowly made their way into the Whitehall Estate home that was decorated that held a bunch of tables with burgundy tablecloths, short black pots full of succulents that guests could bring home, and the room was filled with thousands of fairy lights. There was an open bar that included signature 'Rebekah' and 'Malakai' cocktails. The Best Person and Maid of Honour both gave speeches, the Father of the Bride and Mother of the Groom both gave speeches, and the Blessing of a Happy Couple did as well, and they kept it small. For the rest of the night there music and dancing and fun.

The Music

At the ceremony, they had a harpist to do the music. 

At the reception, the music was almost entirely done by their guests who signed up ahead of time for a time slot. Some of the performances included Hagan on guitar and banjo, Tyler playing a few songs on the ukulele including "I Can't Help Falling In Love",  Noah played a few songs on guitar and piano, Gabriel and Jenny sang a few duets, Sandy played some music on her fiddle, Mona played a song on the piano, and many of their international guests brought music and traditional instruments to bless the marriage.

The Food

Rebekah's dad worked with the staff at the Whitewood Estate to create a menu that included a butternut squash soup, Caesar salad, the choice of chicken, gnocchi, or fish, and a huge spread of desserts. They had a two layer cranberry-orange cake with very little frosting, that was adorned in the same peonies from the reception. 

The Guests

The original goal was to keep the wedding really small, with parents, siblings, best friends, and the team from Loving & Co. Until the wedding hit the new and Malakai's parents insisted he invite the whole of his family, and eventually Rebekah decided to invite a lot of the business professionals and politicians Rebekah had met from around the world through Loving & Co. They made a rule of no children. In the end there was 130 guests.

Rebekah's family included her parents, three living grandparents, late-aunt's husband (whom she's never called uncle), her twin cousins, and her sister. She also invited four people she grew up considering family, who stepped into the aunt & uncle roles. Outside of her bridal party she had nine friends from high school, six friends from university, and her six co-workers from Loving & Co. She invited 21 of the people she had met through her company, and they represented sixteen different countries. 

Malakai's family included his parents, his two brothers, three of his surviving grandparents and his grandmother's fiancé, all six sets of his aunts and uncles, all twelve of his cousins, and ten of their husbands and wives. Outside of his groom's party he had seven friends from high school and six friends from university. 

Before significant others outside of family, both Malakai and Rebekah had invited 55 people, and there were twenty +1s. 

The Gifts 

Rebekah and Malakai insisted that no one bring gifts and if they really wanted they provided a list of organizations to donate to. Many guests brought gifts anyways, a lot of them from their international guests who brought gifts from home, and a lot of handmade gifts as well (of people trying to get around the 'buying a gift' part).

The Dress

Rebekah found her dress at a small bridal shop when she was walking home from a presentation in Queens. It was white, with a floor length skirt made of a few layers of soft fabric that gave it a bit of shape, with the slightest hint of a train. It had a soft, almost-boat neckline that framed her collar bones, elbow-length loose sleeves that billowed slightly at the end, and an open, scalloped back. The dress was all one material and other than the five buttons and scalloped fabric on the back, there wasn't much embellishment. There were five pearl buttons at the bottom of the open back. She had a single tier veil that reached almost to the floor, and was pinned under her bun, near the nape of her neck. She wore white, Victorian style boots under her dress.

The Bouquet

Keeping with the rest of the wedding, Rebekah had a cascading bouquet of burgundy and a few blush peonies, baby's breath, English Ivy, eucalyptus leaves, and other burgundy, white, and dusty green coloured plants as fillers. They bouquet wasn't tossed and Rebekah split the large bouquet into a few smaller ones, that were donated to an assisted living centre the next day. 

The Maid of Honour

Rebekah had trouble choosing her party, but in the end chose Mona as her Maid of Honour to help keep others in line and to keep Rebekah calm throughout the day. She wore the same thing as the other bridesmaids.

The Bridesmaids

Nie, Natalia, Avlynn, Tyler, Sandy, and Juliette were Rebekah's bridesmaids, and she had 'extras' that she put in the front row. They wore knee length, burgundy tulle skirts, and Rebekah let them choose from short sleeve and long sleeve silvery-grey tops with mock necks. They carried small bouquets of two burgundy peonies, and a few succulents.

The Suit

Malakai wore a three-piece grey suit, with a burgundy tie, and brown shoes. 

The Best Person

Malakai chose his best friend Kaylea as the 'Best Person'. Unlike Rebekah, he knew right away who he wanted to fill that role. Rebekah and Malakai let her choose what she wanted to wear, and she chose a grey, low-cut women's suit jacket, grey slim cut dress pants, brown oxford-style heels, and a burgundy choker necklace.

The Groomsmen

His groomsmen were his brothers Hagan and Zackary, and his friends Finn, Benny, and Tony. He also included their friend Kay, who was actually closer with Rebekah and the original plan was to have him with her side, but because there were so many people she wanted to include, Malakai decided to put him on his side. The groomsmen wore grey dress pants, white shirts, grey waistcoats, burgundy bowties, and brown dress shoes, very similar to what Malakai wore.

Lives of the Nicholl-Loving Kids

Nicholl Loving Kids









The Sons-in-Law







Family trees

Family Trees

Legend: (D)=Deceased   Surname   (A)=Adopted   M: (or) +=Married   /=Divorced  #/K#=Birth order of kids  Boy   Girl   Non-Bianry



Charles (D) + Abigail

Edwin + Medea



1: Tobi

M: Elena


1: Alexander

M: Lauren

K1: Asher

K2: Alec


2: Alexa

M: Simon

K1: Ava

K2: Arthur


2: Daniel

M: Lily-Anne


1: Adrian

M: Josie


2: Kason

M: Cassidy

K1: Madison






1: Malakai

M: Rebekah

K1-1: Sophie-Rose

K1-2: Samuel

K3: Jaqueline 'Jinx'


2: Hagan


3: Zackary

M: Ross

M: Maia

M: Christine

M: Aaron


1: Kyra

M: August

K1: Eli


2: Grayson

M: Madelaine

K1: Jameson


1: Jada

M: Everett

K1: Stephen


2: Logan

M: Veronica

K1: Kyler

K2: Chaya

Nicholl + Catalan

1: Gabrielle

M: Jamie


1: Barett

M: Emery

K1: Sarah

K2: Tabitha


2: Wade

M: Karlee


3: Natasha

M: Julian

K1: Danielle

K2: Cody

K3: Lexie

3: Ellie

3: Dane

1: Shiloh

2: Emma

4: Matthias

5: Ethan



Faith + Ron (D)

Ruth (D) + Charlie (D)




1: Katie

2: Curtis

2: Jordan (D)

M: Adison


1-1: Leah


1-2: Isaac

M: Talia

K1: Janessa


1: Rebekah

M: Malakai

K1-1: Sophie-Rose

K1-2: Samuel

K3: Jaqueline 'Jinx'


2: Tyler

1: Delilah

M: Mark



Gianina + Marco

Rebekah + Malakai


4: Leonardo

1-1: Sophie-Rose


2: Alessandro

M: Mia

K1: Bria


1: Elena

M: Angelo

K1: Imilia

K2: Valentino

K1: Damon

K2: David Jessi

K3-1: Danielle

K3-2: Gabriel

K5: Charlie

K6: Ezra

K7: Amaya

K8: Liam

K9: Lillinea


5 : Cameo

M: Bella


3: Matteo

M: Niccolo



1-2: Samuel

3: Jaqueline 'Jinx'

M: Toby

  • Edwin & Medea Nicholl's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Rebekah Part 1)
    Barett (25) Wade (24) Kyra (23) Grayson (21) Natasha (21) Jada (19) Malakai (18) Gabrielle (17) Hagan (16) Logan (14) Zackary (13)
  • Roger & Abigail Roy's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Rebekah Part 1)
    Alexander (20) Adrian (19) Alexa (19) Malakao (18) Kason (17) Hagan (16) Zackary (13)
  • Ron & Faith Noel's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Rebekah Part 1)
    Rebekah Loving (17) Tyler Loving (13) Leah & Isaac Meijer (11)
  • Edwin & Medea Nicholl's Great Grandkids (ages as of the start of Loving You)
    Sarah Benjamin (19) Danielle Fay (18) Tabitha Benjamin (18) Eli Lessi (18) Jameson Michaud (17) Kyler Nicholl (17) Cody Fay (17) Lexie Fay (15) Sophie-Rose & Samuel Nicholl-Loving (14) Stephen Flannigan (13) Jinx Nicholl-Loving (13) Chaya Nicholl (12)
  • Roger & Abigail Roy's Great Grandkids (ages as of the start of Loving You)
    Asher Roy (17) Ava Roy-Buchannan (16) Arthur Roy-Buchannan (15) Alec Roy (15) Sophie-Rose & Samuel Nicholl-Loving (14) Madison Roy (14) Jinx Nicholl-Loving (13)
  • Ron & Faith Noel's Great Grandkids (ages as of the start of Loving You)
    Sophie-Rose & Samuel Nicholl-Loving (14) Jinx Nicholl-Loving (13) Janessa Meijer (11)
  • Marco & Gianina Toppi's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Growing Up Rosie)
    Imilia Belotti (19) Damon Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (17) Valentino Belotti (16) David Jessi Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (16) Bria Toppi (15) Danielle & Gabriel Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (15) Charlie Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (13) Ezra Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (12) Amaya Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (12) Liam Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (6) Lillinea Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (5)

Where are they now...

Th forgotten charctes

The momentary faces

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