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"Fear not, angry little poet. You will find you words again" - Angry Little Poet, Heart & Healing, T.S. Curtis

Book cover saying Heart & Healing with T.S. Curtis underneath. Yellow/Blue/Orange sunset background

Title: Heart & Healing

Or: The First Poems


In her debut poetry collection, T.S. Curtis pours her heart out with topics ranging from mental illness, to her own hopes and dreams. Dive inside to follow the story of a broken teenager, looking to love herself again. 

Shades of Blue title over digital drawing, in lots of dark blues, silhouette of couple holding hands

Title: Shades of Blue

Or: The Love Poems


T.S. Curtis' second poetry collection is centred around one idea: love. New love. Breaking love. Finding love again. Shades of Blue is lighter and more cheerful than her first collection: this one is about love and letting darkness be an after thought for once.

Let Them Stare" title over image of very pink sunset over ocean, hill in background

Title: Let Them Stare

Or: A Manifesto of Healing


T.S. Curtis' third poetry collection is a move away from the collected works of a broken high schooler trying to stay alive. Now an adult, the poems are filled with a new feeling: hope. Coming from f kindness, friendship, and curiosity, Let Them Stare is a manifesto for healing.

Book is loading....png

Title: St. Sebastian's Place (May 2024)

Or: The Reaction Poems


Description: In the midst of the healing, pieces that were once loose sometimes find their way into something gentle. Written in exploration on hikes, lying in mossy beds, listening to waves and rushing rivers, tears and laughter have held together the growing that fed the words after a poetic hiatus. Once titled The Poems of an Angry Girl, stemming from a time of change, acceptance, and breaking hearts again, they are not angry, or just growing: they are the reaction poems.

Book is loading... (1).png

Title: TBD Book 5 (Fall 2024)


Description: It's okay to acknowledge the cracks: the surprises that bloom in tenacity are beautiful.  

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