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Land of Seven Realms

Welcome to Land, and the Seven Kingdoms. Here, the stories of princesses and princes fill the minds of the diverse people across it, and the stories of the people fill the minds of its monarchs and governments. Fall in love with Princess Amir as she is thrust into a position she never could have planned to have, and learn along with her people as she prepares to take on that role.


Skylock Map

The 7 Realms

The 7 Realms
Untitled (22).png

Where the land touches the sky

Kingdom Colour: Light Blue

Symbol: Skylark

A large, diverse Kingdom, made up of 6 provinces of the 6 clans, and ruled by the 7th Sovereign Clan, Clan Skylock. They are kind and welcoming to immigrants and refugees. The country is almost entirely self-sufficient for food, textile, construction material, and more, but still participate in the trade routes of Land.



Untitled (23).png

Where the trees go on forever

Kingdom Colour: Green

Symbol: Rabbit

A large, peaceful forest kingdom, allied with Skylock. Few resources. Sixteen districts, ruled by a King.



Untitled (24).png

Land of fire skies

Kingdom Colour: Pale Yellow

Symbol: Cougar

A hilly country, in central Land, that is made up almost entirely of wheat fields. Blossoming allies of Skylock. They have been invaded by Keene twice, and never fully recovered, losing over a third of their population to Keenian abductions.



Untitled (25).png

Tranquil salted air

Kingdom Colour: Rust

Symbol: Dolphin

A medium kingdom, of sand and ocean, that deems itself neutral in conflict. 12 States, each represented by a Senator in the Waiwhen Senate.



Untitled (26).png

Kingdom of Chaos

Kingdom Colour: Red

Symbol: Snake

A country with a strong army and guard, that constantly antagonizes the rest of Land. Divided in two territories plus the colony in the beautiful lands of Elira, Keene is ruled by an iron fisted Emperor. Enemy to most.



Untitled (27).png

Where the land touches the sky

Kingdom Colour: Purple

Symbol: Mountain Goat

Split into two major sections and ruled by two Kings, the North and the South of the mountain kingdom work together to keep their land safe.



Untitled (28).png

Land of the warmest hearts

Kingdom Colour: Navy

Symbol: Snow Owl

A kingdom covered almost entirely in ice and snow year round, ruled by a Queen, a maternal line carried on through the eldest daughter. The kingdom is made up of three regions reflecting the three slightly differing landscapes - the mountains, the ice plains, and the icy coast.



Land Calendar


4 Seasons





14 weeks in each season

7 days in each week

56 weeks in total

392 days in total

Important Celebration

New Year: First Day of Winter, celebrated across all 7 kingdoms

New World Festival: Thirtieth Day of Winter, celebrating the creation of the Seven Kingdoms, ending hundreds of years of strife

Feast of Skylock: Mark of Mid Spring, celebrating the union of the clan under one sovereign crown, celebrated with feasts across the kingdom, and Skylock Games held on the castle grounds

Old World Festival: First Day of Autumn, a day to recall and thank the ancestors

Alanmas: Tenth Day of Autumn, celebrating the birth of Alan of Rin and The Prophecy. On the Eve of Alanmas, everyone sleeps in the palest night clothes they have. In the morning, families gather to give gifts and families coordinate so that every member receives a gift coordinating with the colours of the Eleven Group of Deities. Everyone gathers in cities for feasts provided by the Royal family

2 Parts of Time

The Old World (OW)

The New Calendar (NC)

Alan of Rin

Alan of Rin

Alan of Rin was born in the Old World, before the Seven Realms were defined. When they were twenty-three, the borders were completed and the new realm came to be.

Alan of Rin was born to loving parents, who moved to the North for protection by Clan Glasslight, becoming one of their septs, when they defied their parents wishes in their home village on the coast, fleeing for their lives and their newly conceived child's life. Their parents were found when they were six, both of them killed by an assassin.

From the time Alan was thirteen, they were able to convene with the spirits, realizing it for the first time when they were fourteen, able to talk to the spirit of their mother. They trained with other spiritists and soon started communicating with the Goddess of the Sky.

When they were twenty-six, they heard a voice uttering a prophecy that the name of the new North Kingdom's royal line would be revealed on the Isle of Ilona. That night, a storm rolled over the new realm, winds and heavy rains tearing through the lands. Alan of Rin found a horse and rode hard from their home near the border, to Land’s End. There, they found the seven Chiefs gathered for a meeting, and Alan of Rin explained the prophecy. The Chiefs pleaded with Alan not to go, showing the sea becoming angrier by the minute, but Alan insisted. Chief Torrent offered a small boat to Alan, and the Chiefs helped them down to the water’s edge, and waved to them as they left.

Alan of Rin got into the small boat, and launched from the beach below the cliffs into the angry waters. They paddled hard, their arms strong, waves throwing them about and almost capsizing them multiple times. When they thought all hope was gone and they would die in the waters, an extremely bright light appeared in the distance beyond them. Not knowing where it was coming from, Alan of Rin decided to follow it, hoping with all hope it would not lead to their death.

After days of going around in circles, Alan of Rin followed the glowing light up onto the beach of the Isle of Ilona. The light hovered just off the rock beach, drawing Alan of Rin further into the island, shielding their eyes from the blinding light.

From the light, voices start to call to Alan, calling for them not to be afraid. They announced themselves as the eleven groups of Gods and Goddesses. The Gods told Alan they had been the ones to send the vision and prophecy, having chosen them as their representative in the human world.

Alan fell to their knees, listening to the light in awe, as the voices announced a further prophecy: that the line of the Sovereign they were about to give was the line that would rule with kindness, unite the clans, and bring prosperity to the new realm for exactly 1000 years. And so the Gods were ready to give Alan of Rin the name of the Sovereign family.

And the name that came out of the light was one that surprised Alan of Rin. The Sovereign would be the Skylock family. They were the small Clan that lived near the cliffs, known for gardens of vegetables and small herds of sheep. And it was not Chief Skylock who would become the first sovereign, but the Chief’s second son, Marin. Through the light, the Gods assured Alan of Rin that this was their decision and they believed that soft, kind rulers would keep the Kingdom prosperous and good.

The final thing the Gods said through the light was that the realm of the Seven Clans, defined in the New World treaty, would be known as the Kingdom of Skylock.

The light began moving, leading Alan of Rin back to their boat, helping them navigate through the stormy waters.

When Alan of Rin set foot on the beach, the sea calm and the deep grey clouds gave way to light rain, and softer grey skies. They made their way up the walking path as cautiously as they could, to find the Seven Chiefs, who informed Alan they had been gone for fifteen days and they had given up hope, believing them lost to the sea. Alan of Rin assured the Chiefs they were very much alive, and recounted the story of the light to eager ears.

Alan of Rin finally raised their hand and pointed to Marin, proclaiming him to be the first King of the new Kingdom of Skylock. Despite their differences, the Chiefs cheered. Over the next five years, the original castle would be built.

Alan of Rin communed with the Gods and Goddesses almost daily after that, spreading their messages of love, kindness, good harvest, and more across the newly formed Kingdom, bringing stories to every Clan and every Sept. Alan of Rin was widely considered the first High Priest. They took under their arm two young people who showed the same visions and thoughts Alan had heard as a teenager. These two trained hard to learn about the eleven groups of Gods and Goddesses and Deities, learning to communicate with ancestors, the spirits, and the Gods and Goddesses. These two young people were anointed as the first High Priest and High Priestess.

When their training was complete and they could continue to learn on their own, all while spreading the messages and practice further, and seeing the Sovereign family fully established and running a successful Kingdom, Alan of Rin decided their work was done. Alan of Rin convened with five Priests and two Priestesses from the Old World, the eight of them rowing to the Isle of Ilona across a calmer sea than the one Alan of Rin had crossed on their own so many years ago.  

On the Isle of Ilona, they worked together to build a learning and worship centre, a building of 11 sides for the eleven groups of Gods and Goddesses. To finish the Isle, they build a lamppost where Alan had once been met by the bright light. Each of the Old World Priests worked with specific Gods and Goddesses, learning enough about them to have their faces revealed, and putting their likeness on the walls of the centre. The six Old World Priests lived and learned together, the Sovereign sending pairs of animals and seeds to the Priests to build lavish gardens and farms to sustain themselves.

As Alan of Rin aged, they made two trips to the mainland. The first was to find understudies for the Old World Priests and continue the practice on the Isle of Ilona, bringing two Priestesses and three Priests back to the Isle for them to take on the Isle Worship Centre come the death of the Old World Priests.

Alan of Rin returned to the mainland one more time on the suggestion of one of the Gods. Back in Skylock, they found the First King of Skylock, Marin Skylock, had passed away that morning. Alan explained to the castle staff and the royal family that the Gods had led them back, and he would take the body of their King to be buried on the Isle of Ilona. Before they left, Alan placed the crown on the eldest child of Marin, his son Valentine, officially establishing the line of Skylock.

Alan of Rin took the body of the First King back to the Isle and the Priests and their trainees buried him in the small field . A year later, the second King sent his mother’s body to the Isle for Alan of Rin to bury her with her true love. Alan of Rin and one of the young Priestesses carved a huge stone arch anointing the field as the Final Resting Place of the Kings and Queens of Skylock.

Ten days later, surrounded by the Old World Priests and their trainees, Alan of Rin took their last breath. The trainees took the responsibility to cremate their body, and spread the ashes over the land around the Isle’s lamppost. Two weeks later, flowers never before seen on the Isle sprouted around the lamppost, though their seeds never spread further than the lamppost. Soon, the voice of Alan of Rin joined the voices some young Priests and Priestesses could hear.

It is said that if someone ever hears the voice of Alan of Rin, they are destined to be a High Priest or High Priestess of Skylock.

After their death, the Priesstess who had helped Alan carve the arch for the Kings and Queens burial ground, carved Alan of Rin’s stories on two large stones, one placed at the entry to the Isle, one sent to the mainland to be placed outside the castle.


Clans of Skylock

Seven clans form Skylock - one of whom, Clan Skylock, was named the Sovereign family - each overseeing a province and up to 23 Septs - familes they are in charge of protecting. Each clan is headed by a Chief, a War Chief, and one member (family or Sept) is elected to the Sovereign's advising council.

Untitled (30).png

Cared for by Clan Carening

Kingdom Colour: Brown

Symbol: Sky Wolves

Septs: 17

Towns: Cuirea (capital), Fuain, Ceo, Beatha (home of Carening University), Drocha



Untitled (31).png

Cared for by Clan Forra

Kingdom Colour: Green

Symbol: Hare

Septs: 23

Towns: Allaidh (capital), Comharra, Lamm, Lus



Untitled (32).png

Cared for by Clan Glasslight

Kingdom Colour: Royal Blue

Symbol: Doe

Septs: 11

Towns: Dluth (capital), Tiodhlac, Ur



Untitled (33).png

Cared for by Clan Glenn

Kingdom Colour: Purple

Symbol: Hedgehog

Septs: 11

Towns: Sireadh (capital), Seiche, Adhar, Luch



Untitled (34).png

Cared for by Clan Hill

Kingdom Colour: Olive

Symbol: Horse

Septs: 16

Towns: Neanach (capital), Ard, Call, Eirigh



Untitled (35).png

Cared for by Clan Torren

Kingdom Colour: Grey

Symbol: Golden Eagle

Septs: 12

Towns: Armachd (capital), Caraid, Airgead, Aghaidh



Untitled (29).png

The Sovereign Clan

Kingdom Colour: Light Blue

Symbol: Skylark

Septs: /

Towns: /



The Kings and Queens of Skylock

Kings & Queens
The First Sovereign

King Marin Douglas Skylock and Queen Epheniah Skylock

Children: Prince Valentine Gerid, Princess Ophelia Mary, Princess Eabha Lynadell, Prince Malcolm Douglas

The Second Sovereign

King Valentine Gerid Skylock and Queen Willhemina Skylock

Children: Prince Euan Marin, Princess Juno Alloura

The Third Sovereign

King Euan Marin Skylock and Queen Slòna Skylock

Children: Prince Diarmad Valentine, Princess Eilish Epheniah, Prince Dughall Quince, Princess Hermia Isobel

The Fourth Sovereign

King Diarmad Valentine Skylock and Queen Alika Skylock

Children: Prince Morgan Euan

The Fifth Sovereign

King Morgan Euan Skylock and Queen Grainne Skylock

Children: Prince Finnegan Diarmad, Prince Regan Dumaine

The Sixth Sovereign

King Finnegan Diarmad Skylock and Prince Consort Eoghann Skylock

Children: Princess Sofira Grainne, Prince Orsino Morgan

The Seventh Sovereign

Queen Sofira Grainne Skylock and Prince Consort Cailan Skylock

Children: Prince Rourke Finnegan, Princess Catriona Robin

The Eighth Sovereign

King Rourke Finnegan Skylock and ​Queen Ataksak Skylock

Children: Prince Lulach Caileanm, Princess Nandag Sofira, Prince Percy Vaux, Prince Lance Audley, Princess Portia Ceres

The Ninth Sovereign

King Lulach Cailan Skylock and ​Queen Aislinn Skylock

Children: Prince Samson Rourke, Prince Roidche Warwick

The Tenth Sovereign

King Samson Rourke Skylock and Queen Finley Meabh Skylock

Children: Prince Erran Lulach, Princess Brid Aislinn, Princess Abbess Wren

The Eleventh Sovereign

King Erran Lulach Skylock and Queen Daniella Skylock

Children: Prince Niall Samson, Former-Princess Elena Finley

The Twelfth Sovereign

King Niall Samson Skylock and Queen Kier Meigha Skylock

Children: The Late Prince Layton Erran, Princess Amir Daniella, Princes Jasper Alistair, Prince Kylo Emrys, 

Prince Alec Blue, Prince Evander Caspian

Deities of Skylock



God of Peace

King of the Gods

Colour: White Symbol: Branch Season: Winter

Animal: Dove Weapon: Script


Goddess of Death

Queen of the Gods

Colour: White Symbol: White & red butterfly Season: Winter

Animal: Butterfly Weapon: None


God of Day

Colour: Yello Symbol: Sun Season: Autumn

Animal: Chicken Weapon: Mace


Goddess of Fields, Farmers, and Harvests

Colour: Yellow Symbol: Bushel of wheat Season: Autumn

Animal: Field Mouse Weapon: Scythe


God of Rain and Water

Colour: Grey Symbol: Drop of water Season: Spring

Animal: Silverfish Weapon: Boomerang


Goddess of Birds

Colour: Grey Symbol: Wings Season: Spring

Animal: Chickadee Weapon: Katars


Deity of Insects

Colour: Violet Symbol: Antennae Season: Smmer

Animal: Ant Weapon: Spear


Goddess of Wisdom and Education

Colour: Violet Symbol: Open book Season: Summer

Animal: Turtle Weapon: Slingshot


God of Flowers

Colour: Pink Symbol: Daisy Season: Spring

Animal: Bee Weapon: Poison darts


Goddess of Children and Birth

Colour: Pink Symbol: Holding hands Season: Spring

Animal: Lamb Weapon: Fan


God of Love

Colour: Pale blue Symbol: Knot Season: Winter

Animal: Blue bird Weapon: Crossbow


Goddess of Skies

Patron of Skylock

Colour: Light blue Symbol: SunMoon Season: Winter

Animal: Skylark Weapon: Dirk/Dagger


God of Night

Colour: Navy Symbol: Crescent moon Season: Winter

Animal: Bat Weapon: Longbow


Goddess of Warriors

Colour: Navy Symbol: Knife Season: Winter

Animal: Bull Weapon: Sword


God of Forests and Trees

Colour: Dark green Symbol: Tree Season: Summer

Animal: Hare Weapon: Axe


Goddess of Labourers

Colour: White Symbol: Hammer Season: Autumn

Animal: Squirrel Weapon: Hammer


God of Messengers, Travellers, and Adventurers

Messenger of the Gods

Colour: Light green Symbol: 2 triangles Season: Spring

Animal: Hawk Weapon: Staff


Goddess of Medicine and Doctors

Colour: Light Green Symbol: Goblet overflowing Season: Spring

Animal: Lynx Weapon: None/Carries a lantern


God of Animals

Colour: Light brown Symbol: Paw print Season: Summer

Animal: Doe Weapon: Throwing knives (between fingers)


Deity of Homes and Families

Colour: Light brown Symbol: Fire Season: Summer

Animal: Otter Weapon: Bow n' arrow


God of Merchants

Colour: Black Symbol: Tied bag Season: Autumn

Animal: Magpie Weapon: Broadsword


Deity of Music and Art

Colour: Black Symbol: Harp Season: Autumn

Animal: Cricket Weapon: Whip

Family trees

Family Trees

Legend: (D)=Deceased   Surname   (A)=Adopted   M: (or) +=Married   /=Divorced   Boy   Girl   Non-Bianry



Hellia (D) + Jiminy (D)

Danielle (D) + Erran (D)

1: Kier

1: Niall

2: Elena



Annalise + Fitzsimmons (D)

Kier + Niall

1: Theodore

2: Amir

1: Layton (D)

3: Jasper

4: Kylo

5-1: Alec

5-2: Evander

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