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Ink & Crown (YA Royal Fantasy/Speculative)

Ink & Crown (complete) - Rain & Iron (25%) - Untitled # 3 (outlined)

A princess never meant to be heir; A journalist never meant to love her

Set in the lush world of the seven kingdoms, Ink & Crown follows Princess Amir of Skylock, who becomes heir to her Kingdom on the brink of war after her brother is killed. In order to introduce her to her people, journalist Theodore Crawford arrives with the intention to write: neither expect the feelings that start to develop. 


For fans of Victoria Aveyard, Kiera Cass, KayLynn Flanders, Katharine McGee, "Princess Diaries 2 but Mia gets a sword", CW's Reign, and anyone looking for something a la Game of Thrones without the horribleness perpetuated (if Sansa and Arya were made into one person)

The Rose Queen.png

The Rose Queen (Ink & Crown Sequel) (YA Royal Fantasy/Speculative)

Untitled # 1 (30%) - Untitled # 2 (25%) - Untitled # 3 (15%)

Find your way back to the world of Skylock and the other Kingdoms. Set fifty years after Princess Amir's story, her granddaughter Princess Davina has been raised her whole life thinking she knows how to be a queen. When a new enemy emerges, Davina must face everything she believes she knows to save her people.

For fans of Victoria Aveyard, Kiera Cass, KayLynn Flanders, "Princess Diaries 2 but Mia gets a sword", and anyone looking for something a la Game of Thrones without the horribleness perpetuated (if Sansa and Arya were made into one person)

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Shifter WIP (YA Historical Fantasy)

The Pack (40%) - Untitled # 2 (25%) - Untitled # 3 (30%)

Somewhere between heaven and hell...

At the Shapeshifters Council, the immortal shapeshifters strive to keep the balance between the Angels and the Demons. To keep Shadows from messing with the human world, some of the Shifters are tasked as Hunters. And the best of the Hunting teams is The Pack, led by Lady Tecket. One a new case that takes them to Victorian England, they run into a very human obstacle, and find a perpetrator that makes them question everything they have been told about good and evil.

For fans of Shadowhunters, Warrior Nun, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural


Fairy WIP (YA Portal Fantasy)

Untitled # 1 (30%) - Untitled # 2 (15%)

The old stories don't end when you close the book

Collie Wiebe is not who she seems.

When the last school bell rings, after stopping by the hospital to say hello to her best friend's dying father, she finds her way back to her own world: Fairyland. A servant in King Oberon and Queen Titania's court, Collie is the fairy Cobweb. Both royals have tasked her with watching over Nicholas Bottom and his son Bal. Struggling to keep up with her mission in the Otherland, and the rising darkness in Fairyland, Collie - and her life - are not what they appear to be. 

For fans of Winx Saga, Six of Crows, and Julie Kagawa

Crash Pointe.png

Crash Pointe (YA Ballet Contemporary)

Crash Pointe (First Draft done) - Crash # 2 (20%)

Rayona Hummel's life is falling apart. After an accident claimed the life of her dance partner - her best friend - in the middle of a performance, talented and deaf dancer is forced to leave her New York City ballet school and start over at the Arthur-Leone School of Ballet in Seattle. As Rayona struggles with anxiety around stepping back onto the ballet stage, her new friends Eesha, Lane, Jonah, and a few local drag artists try to help her remember the joy they all found in dance. Past having to proce that you can be different in a world that strives for complete perfection, Rayona's future as a ballerina has only one thing in her way: herself. 


Dance Academy x The Year After You

Nimh (4).png

Small Town WIP (YA Contemporary)

Untitled # 1 (outlined) - Untitled # 2 (outlined) - Untitled # 3 (outlined)

Welcome to Audrey

A town of 10,000 people the world forgot. The town you can drive around, instead of through. Where you know everyone, and everyone knows the skeletons in your closet. It's where Elowyn Firth, Katie Moore, Ethan Jackobowitz, and Ben Ocampo have to live their lives, stuck in the cycles they have been thrown in to, playing the roles that help them survive a town that wants to break them. After the disappearance of Elowyn's older sister, these four who were never meant to meet become unlikely friends.

For fans of Pretty Little Liars, and anyone who was not satisfied with the direction Riverdale went

_Square vibes.png

The Sapphic Thing I Don't Have Time For (YA Contemporary standalone)

Best friends Coda and Nadine spend every day they have in their boarding school's theatre. They aren't actors, though: you may never even spot them. Coda was just promoted to stage manager after years as a stage tech, and after being dragged to the theatre every day by Coda, Nadine became the theatre program's photographer. As the girls fall for the two leads in the musical, everything is about to get a lot more complicated.


For fans of High School Musical, The Prom

Loving You.png

Boarding School WIP (YA Contemporary/Somewhat issue based)

Untitled # 1 (25%) - Untitled # 2 (30%) - Untitled # 3 (30%)

- Untitled # 4 (outlined) - Untitled # 5 (outlined)

The Nicholl-Loving kids are starting at Patterson Preparatory, where their parents went. Twins Sophie and Sam, and their younger sister Jinx, are about to find out just how much high school can change you. Enrolled under a false surname to give them a chance not to live in their parents' shadow, they're going to learn that growing up is not as glamorous as the movies made it seem.

For fans of Degrassi and anything boarding school


Adventure WIP (YA Dystopian)

Searc​h Squad (rewrite) - Untitled # 2 (30%) - Untitled # 3 (30%) -

- Untitled # 4 (30 %) - Untitled # 5 (10%)

Welcome to Search Squad

Where outdoor education has found a way to tie in military training. Lise is her school's Search Squad prodigy, the youngest person to qualify for the senior team. They're in charge of security, but have their own ways of making fun and competition. In a post-World War Three worlds, life looks almost the same, but fears are lurking on the edge of everyone's minds. As they start to realize the security they have been charged with is a smokescreen to what is truly happening, Lise's life of adventure is marred with new threats.  


For fans of Hunger Games, Divergent, The Society


Lovers Musician x Academic Romance (New Adult Romance/Women's Fiction)

Tesora (30%) - Cariad (20%)

Her world was quiet; his was full of sound

Tova left her small Welsh town and made Rome, Italy, her home to study classical and ancient history. She's quiet - the kind of girl who finds hole-in-the-wall cafes, buys fresh flowers, and spends most of her days in libraries and museums. Until she makes four new friends, who are loud in every aspect, a band-in-the-making. Her quiet finds its words in their energy as the five of them navigate new adulthood, academia, the music world, and each other.


For fans of TBD


And Along Came an Old Love (Women's Fiction)

And Alone Came an Old Love (20%) = Untitled # 2 (outlined)

Nimh has worked hard. She finished her degree and her masters top of her class. She bought a house, she has a car, and a beautiful adopted teenage son she loves with all her being. She is single, and happy to be a mom and thebest Chief of Staff she can be to the Speaker of the BC Legislatrue. What she didn't expect was for her high school sweetheart to waltz back into her life. And Isaiah did not expect to find her a completely different person.  


For fans of TBD

Nimh (2).png

Archaeologist WIP (Contemporary)

Untitled # 1 (outlined) - Untitled # 2 (outlined) - Untitled # 3 (outlined)

Your adventure is waiting for you

Wynnie Devins is one of those people who always has a smile on her face. She's bright and bubbly, and incredibly smart. She's the youngest curator the Canadian National Museum has ever had, even if it meant giving up the long days in archaeology pits. When a woman shows up with an offer to join her archaeology team, Wynnie finds herself travelling the world with people from all across it, digging into the world's memories. Long days in the sun with their hands in the dirt, the team's days are warm and exhilarating: with a little drama following them from one dig to another. 


For fans of TBD


Rewrite Hearts WIP (Contemporary)

Untitled # 1 (outlined) - Untitled # 2 (rework stage)



For fans of TBD

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