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When something sparkles out of the corner of your eye, you should learn not to write it off. Fall into Averia, a world of magic adjacent to our own. Where Fairies live paecefully, Witches driven mad by power wreck havoc, and where the mysterious Avansert people try to keep the balance - and keep themselves alive.

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People and Creatures of Averia

People & Creatures
Fairies are born of the natural world, from an energy anomaly in a natural thing. Some common examples are trees, flowers, rivers, and the wind. They have transluscent wings that allow them to fly, and their wings come in all shapes, sizes, and tints. Fairies have a life span of about three hundred years. When they die, they disintegrate into a what is essentially a pile of glitter. 
Fairies of Death
No one is entirely sure where Fairies of Death come from, aside from they are two halves of one soul - one cannot exist without the other, and are tasked with the important role of maintaining balance between Better Place and Averia. No one is sure how many Fairies of Death there are either, though every Avansert tribe in Averia have a pair assigned to them. One half of the soul is a Traveller - they collect souls to pass them over the bridge. The other half is the Keeper of Souls, who oversees all functioning of Better Place. Fairies of death do not have wings.
The Avansert were created when thirty four Tuff witches had children with thirty four humans. The children became the founders of the seventeen tribes of Europe. Some magic lingered, and they were safe inside Averia, many of the Avansert tribes becoming safe havens for Tuff witch defectors, fairies, and outworlders fleeing bad situations. Averia grew for them. The tribes are semi-nomadic and live in camps along the river - the barrier between Averia and Better Place.
Tuff Witches 
Tuff witches were one of the experiments of an ancient otherworld deity. The first coven was fifty clay creations that the deity breathed life and magic in to. They stole the magic as it took them over, no longer needing the deities to use magic, and continued to create Tuff witches by building clay and putting their magic into them. They are sustained when they use their magic.
Voll Witches
Voll witches were the second experiment. The deity chose fifty women and blessed them with magic, in a similiar way that had been done with the clay creations. Because of their humanity, the magic drove them to a form that was no longer entirely human, and more creature than anything else. The magic mutated in their cells, turning their bodily fluids into poison. No one is entirely certain how they recreate, but the rumour is that they are able to duplicate themselves in some way. 
Vennlight Witches
Vennlight witches are special because they are descended from twelve women who would have been Voll witches but who, for some reason, were not affected by the magic like the others. Vennlight witches did not take the magic into themselves like the Tuff and Voll witches, and continue to work with the ancient deities to keep a flow of magic through them. They work with special routines, practices, and worship to make their magic work. Their magic has more strongly defined rules and while it is not immediate like Tuff and Voll witches, or fairies and Avansert, it is bigger and more powerful when they need it to be. Sadly, Vennlight witches were destroyed after the first War of the Worlds.


Fairy Magic
Fairy magic is based in natural things, working with the natural energies that exist in all living things. Their magic is done entirely with their hands and the magic both exists within them, and draws from nature. Their spells centre mostly on 'medium magic'. Theirs is the magic that can sustain the Averia border. 
Fairies of Death Magic
Fairies of Death magic allows them to exist in Averia and Better Place, run the bridge between worlds, and their magic almost only exists Better Place. Outside of it, they are able to create memory spells and knock out spells.
Witch Magic
Witch magic uses energy within themselves inherited magic, and is typically for large 'devastating' spells, and is closer to sending huge bursts of energy into the world instead of manipulating what is already there. Though their magic is a part of them, it takes some time to harness and use effectively. Their magic is mostly based on worded spells, both pre-established spells. The easiest magic for witches to perfect is that that destroys, and the most difficult is that that creates. Wands are used to direct energy more precisely.
Avansert Magic
Avansert Magic is a form of Witch magic, but because of its dilution it is mostly used for small tasks and movements. Making food and cleaning among the most typical, making small mechanics automatic, move heavy items, and sometimes used in healing. Sometimes, a person will be born with exceptionally strong Avansert magic and can learn larger spells such as knock outs, and a very select few have been able to learn life and death spells, though they are typically born of a witch or half with and an Avansert. With only four exceptions in history, women Avansert members are those born with magic. 
There are three kinds of Avansert empaths - emotional empaths, manipulative empaths, and magic empaths. 
Empaths do not have magic of their own, though their unique power is from being descended of powerful Avansert magic holders. 
Emotional empaths can be anyone, and they have the ability to feel emotions as if they were 
Manipulative empaths are also emotional empaths, but their power goes one step beyond just feeling the emotions of someone - they also have the ability to change the emotions of that person. 
The third, and rarest kind, is magic empaths. Magic empaths can only be born as the second son after a first daughter who is an emotional or manipulative empath. They are physically affected when magic is used, able to feel the emotional side of spells and magic, typically most severely affected by angry or harmful magic.

Rules of Magic

Rule of Magic
Magic cannot restore life
Magic cannot stop death
Magic cannot alter the course of time
Magic can only take something intentionally if something is given in return

Better Place

Better Place

Better place is where the Avansert and the Fairies go when they die. It is 'over the Averian river' though can only be crossed into on the hand of a Fairy of Death. Each tribe has their own Better Place, and it is unknown if the tribes can see each other on the other side. 

Inside Better Place live two Fairies of Death who can come and go as they please. They are two halves of one ancient soul. One half is the Keeper of the Dead, and stays to take care of those in Better Place. One is a Traveller, who is charged with going between the worlds to bring the dead back.

Better Place is described to be a forest full of fireflies, and life is very similar to that in Averia, save for there is no pain. Families can be reunited and the great pleasures of life like food and books can be found in Better Place. There is no need to work, as the magic rewards people for their service in Averia.

Family trees

Family Trees

Legend: (D)=Deceased   Surname   (A)=Adopted M: (or) +=Married   /=Divorced    Boy   Girl   Non-Bianry


Alexandria (D) + Heathcliffe (D)

Luna (D) + Jeraiah (D)


Kehalla (D) + Alexander (D)

1: Isaac

 1-2: Kaiera

3: Dejon

1-2: Ebenezer

 1: Marguerite

3: Claude


Elizabeth + Lawrence

1: Adele

2: Tomas

Black and white woman looking out a window.
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A love story told over years of love and heartbreak. Come for New York, arguments, adventures, and a kickass business woman. Follow Malakai and Rebekah into the life they have built.

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