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The Pack

"We can do anything. But we do it together." - Tecket

Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes Bridgerton.

Heaven and the Shadow Council push against each other, constantly at a boiling point that spills into the Human world as they antagonize each other. And somewhere in between is the very small Shapeshifter Council. Here, Shifters are free to live safely in Human and animal form. But to keep the peace, and to protect the Humans in The Upstairs, the Shapeshifter Council's most elite are the hunters. Those who are charged with maintaining the balance, and keeping the Human world and the Timeline safe. The Pack, led by Lady Tecket Costa, are the best hunters the Council has seen in generations.




The Pack

As Heaven and Hell struggle against each other, the Shapeshifter Council is tasked with protecting the Human World from the chaos. Lady Tecket Costa - a Shifter, born of Human parents - is leader of The Pack, one of the Shapeshifter Council's most elite groups of hunters. When tracking down a demon believed to be murdering young women in Victorian England, The Pack encounters a set of problems they never could have planned for.

Status: First draft started at 15518 words


A Fox's Tale

As Tecket struggles with the loss of her only family, The Pack must push past their problems to save one of their own. When a Demon kidnaps Malentha and drags her through the past, they must race to Medieval England and save her life, and restore the balance.

Status: First draft started at 3670 words


The Darkest Light

The Pack is whole again, and it's almost time for elections, pitting Tekcet and Talvin against each other as they vie for votes. The Pack is thrown into the folds once again though, when a powerful Demon threatens the end of the Human world. The Pack has to call on friends and jump out of their comfort zone when they go to 2026 to stop the apocalypse.

Status: First draft started at 7539 words



Supernatural in
Victorian England

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