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Pink background with hand holding yellow heart, cursive "Heart on Your Sleeve Designs by Tegs" under

"Kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul there is love to be found in the world."

In April of 2021, I decided to take the leap and share my heart in a new way. Opening my Etsy shop, HeartOnYrSleeve, was my way to do that. Every product is designed with love. It's a place where you will find extremely cozy, hand-embroidered sweatshirts, an exciting assortment of stickers, prints to put on your wall, and more products coming soon. Each collection has an organization that 20% of the price goes to, which is highlighted in each listing.

Click any of the boxes below to take you to the shop and browse more of the cool products I have there! 

Chaotic Writer Sticker by T.S. Curtis, on blue sky background, with uncapped black pen

Chaotic Writer Sticker


Black text on white background sticker, "Glitter bombing my crippling depression" with glitter aroun

Glitter Bombing Sticker


Sticker with image of a goose and text "I will go full Canada Goose on you" above tail feathers

Angry Goose Sticker


Black text on white background sticker that says "In a where-is-my-crown kind of mood"

My Crown Sticker


Black text on white background sticker saying "But for him...I could write a love poem"

Love Poems Sticker


Black cursive text on white background sticker that says "one day until tomorrow"

Keep Going Sticker


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