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Organizing with Notion

I found Notion a little under a year ago thanks to a friend. I love being able to build a page that almost functions like a wiki, without the headache wikis sometimes present. I wanted to share two of my favourites that I've created with you. If you click on the link and go to the corner of the page, and click Duplicate, it will add them to your Notion. Once you have them, you can edit the properties as you wish, adding things you find useful, and taking out things you feel you won't use.


The landing page for Writing has 4 tabs - Author Information, Books, Characters, and Places, Spaces, and Things. The Author Information one is for you to drop information about yourself to make building bios a little easier.

Books brings you to a screen where you can put down information about the books you're working on:

Characters brings you to a screen to keep track of any and all information about each of your characters, a place you can drop inspiration photos, and whatever else you need. I have it loaded with things that I use — including Meyers Briggs Types, and Hogwarts Houses.

And Places, Spaces, and Things is to keep track of all your locations.


I wanted to share my Reading list as well. It has three tabs - Tracker, Reading List, and Poetry.

Tracker is a timeline that you can create 'cards' on to help you keep track of what you have read, and when.

Reading List is exactly what it sounds like - a place to track the books you have read, you will read, and you want to purchase. It's already loaded with the books I have on my list, and you are welcome to keep or delete them. One of the things about Notion is you can use the Search tool to find specific items - so I have a 'need to purchase' property, and when you search for it, you can see what you want to buy and can plan accordingly!

The Poetry tab is basically exactly the same as the Reading List, I just like to keep my list of poetry books separate from my novels.

Have fun playing around with these, and feel free to share the links to them!

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