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A Few of My Favourite Writing Podcasts

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Full disclosure: as a Deaf person, I only catch about 70% of what is said in a podcast. Which might mean you can only take about 70% of my word on why I love these, but I do love them, and they have honestly helped me so much in my writing journey as I slowly stepped away from just writing for myself because I love it, to someone seriously considering publishing. I like having background noise that I have control over. I am usually found with headphones in, music blasting (which is part of the reason each of my WIPs has a playlist to go along with it), or I have a show going.

I had initially avoided podcasts because I figured not being able to hear what was being said very well would make them something I could not enjoy. I started a couple and fell in love and found that even what I did catch was extremely helpful. Going back and listening to them again has helped, and podcasts that have transcripts easily accessible make them easier as well. Podcasts have recently been really helpful with my writing, so I wanted to drop a few of the ones that I have really been enjoying recently!

  • Write or Die with Claribel Ortega and Kat Cho I discovered Write or Die at the end of November...and had binged the whole thing by Christmas break. When I heard that the current season wrapping up is their last season, I actually cried a bit. Claribel and Kat have given me so much incredibly useful information just from their own chats that start off each episode, and the conversations with their guests have honestly made me a better writer. They have also helped prepare me for the world of publishing that I am trying to slowly dip my toes into. I will absolutely be listening through this podcast a second time, grateful for everything the hosts and their guests have shared.

Check out more here: Write or Die Podcast

  • Deadline City with Dhonielle Clayton and Zoraida Cordova I love, love, love this podcast. It was the second writing podcast I got to and like Write or Die, I binged it in less than five weeks. Dhonielle and Zoraida are so fun to listen to, say it like it is, and have huge amounts of great information useful to writers at any point in their writing journey. I love the titles — in a way, they're almost literally building a writing community. They are super honest about what a writing career is like, and one of the most useful episodes is probably S2 ep 17 "The Bank" which is all about money, finances, and publishing. Without fail, I have learned something from every single one of their episodes. I'm hoping to start my second listen soon, and plan to listen with my notebook in hand to keep track of all the great things these two have taught me.

Check out more here: Deadline City

  • 88 Cups of Tea with Yin Chang Anyone who has listened to even a single episode of 88 Cups probably knows how awesome this podcast is. I'm a fairly new listener, so I'm still just breaking into the back catalogue (and there are so many episodes!) The host, Yin, has used her podcast to create a community, and it shows in some of the reviews she reads at the start of some of the episodes. She interviews storytellers, and her podcast covers basically every genre and level of the publishing world. The way she creates conversation in her podcast with her guests gives you a view into the lives of some incredible people, while also leaving a lot of incredible lessons in their wake. Part of the reason I love this podcast so much is the website — every episode has a page that gives all the information the guest shared, which means even when I miss something because of my hearing, I don't feel like I'm missing anything because I can go and find links and highlights from each episode.

Check out more here: 88 Cups of Tea

  • Queries, Qualms, and Quirks with Sarah Nicolas I just recently found Queries, Qualms, & Quirks (QQQ) but I'm already really enjoying it. Part of the draw is that each of the episodes feature the query letter that helped the guest start their writing career. For anyone considering querying, that alone is an amazing feature. So far, I really love the conversations that makes up most of each episode, and Sarah is a really great host. I'm only about four episodes in, but I'm really looking forward to getting further into this one!

Check out more here: Queries, Qualms, & Quirks

  • Hey YA This one was just recently recommended to me, so I've only gotten a few episodes in, but I'm enjoying the conversation part of it where the hosts talk about books, things they like about the books, and give lists of books based on everything from a topic to a ~vibe~. As a primarily YA writer, it's important for me to read a lot of YA to help improve my writing, my voice, and the likes, so it's been really nice to get some recommendations (particularly when they discuss why they like certain reads).

Other writing podcasts that are currently on my list to be listened:

  • Author Pep Talks

  • Keeping A Notebook

  • KT literary podcast

  • The Write Type

  • The Manuscript Academy

  • We Are YA

  • Las Musas Podcast

  • My Imaginary Friends with L. Penelope

Have any others you love? Tell me about them on Twitter!

Happy reading, happy writing, (happy listening!) everyone! -TS

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