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Loving You

"We grew up. We overcame. And we're better for it." - Sophie-Rose Nicholl-Loving

Rebekah and Malakai's kids are starting at Patterson, their parents' old boarding school, with no idea how much their lives are about to change. The twins Sophie-Rose and Samuel, and their younger sister Jinx, are about to find out exactly how much high school can change you. Enrolled as the 'Abel' siblings to give them a chance to be themselves instead of the children of two prominent alumni, high school is going to throw them through every problem, question, and fear they have, but it will teach them one very important thing: your siblings will always be right beside you.




Loving You
Sophie-Rose and Sam are enrolled at Patterson School, ready to follow in their parents' footsteps. Enrolled under a fake surname, to try and have the chance to be their own people, the ninth grade is about to be a year of new things, and hard endings. 

Status: First draft in the works at 7450 words


Loving You: To the Moon and Back
The Nicholl-Loving twins are back at Patterson, this time with little sister Jinx ready to start her ninth grade year. After the rough start to finding where they fit in, things are supposed to be easier. Sophie-Rose is falling in love, Sam starts questioning himself and his sexuality, and Jinx is ready to barrel headfirst into anything. Until a horror strikes one of the kids, leaving them all reeling. 

Status: First draft in the works at 10457 words


Loving You: Thick & Thin
Now going under their real surname, all the Nicholl-Loving siblings want after last year is some room to breathe, and enjoy themselves. But Sophie-Rose, still living under the memories of last year, starts to stumble.. Paired with Jinx navigating her first relationship, and Sam trying to focus and figure out where he wants his life to go, their lives are far from quiet. The three of them have to band together, soon learning who their truest friends are, and when tragedy strikes Patterson School, everyone starts to wonder is they'll all make it to the next year.

Status: First draft in the works at 14469 words


Loving You: Mostest
It's Senior Year for the twins, who are ready to take on the world but have to survive college applications and international rumours first. Jinx starts to struggle with what she wants to do with her life and she starts staring into the face of a kind of horror of her own. As everyone tries to forget the tragedy of the year before, graduation is just around the corner, as long as they can keep it together for long enough.

Status: First draft in the works at 1539 words


Loving You: Forever More
The Nicholl-Loving kids and their friends are suddenly cast around the world, leaving Jinx and Toby at Patterson for their senior year. While Sophie and Sam try and figure out how to follow their dreams without losing each other, Jinx is fighting the world trying to beat her down. For the last instalment of the Loving You series, the little moments start to reveal just how important family really is.

Status: First draft in the works at 2127 words

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