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Ink & Crown

"I was never meant to be their queen..." -Princess Amair Skylock

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Ink & Crown Covers.png

The Kingdom of Skylock is grieving...

A tragic accident took the life of their beloved heir Prince Layton and his two best friends, and all eyes have fallen to his younger sister Princess Amair Skylock, the carefully guarded girl who grew up happy in her brother's shadow, to take his place.

And it has landed Theodore Crawford the biggest story ever: the life of the Princess, to introduce her to the people.

Theo is invited into the glittering world of the castle, with holes in his socks and a pen in his hand, and meets the royal family as they struggle through grieving their loss, the questions that linger around the deaths, and the sadness still blooming in the Princess. As he breaks down her walls and her story slowly entwines with Theo's, Amair struggles to live up to her beloved late-brother's sense of duty and be the best fit for the crown and her people. But with deep-lurking dangers lurking below the surface and questions of who her allies are, Amair is racing to see if she is able to to protect a crown she never wanted.



Princess Amair Daniella Skylock
The Heir

Theodore Ritten Crawford
The Writer

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