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Growing Up Rosie

"Sometimes you get to build your own family, but it is just as much a family."

​-Sophie-Rose Nicholl-Loving-Toppi

Sophie-Rose and Leo are grown up and just as much in love. After realizing their calling to be parents, they open their home as foster parents, and their family grew quickly. With nearly a dozen people in their home, life is certainly never boring. Sophie-Rose and her family stick together through all the good, and all the bad, dealing with the fear and trauma that comes with taking in kids from every walk of life. With all their ups and downs, there is one thing Sophie and Leo know for sure: their acquired family is perfect to them.



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Growing Up Rosie

Sophie-Rose grew up, and grew beautifully. She married the love of her life. Her and Leo had a beautiful life, and when they realized they had more than enough love to share, they started fostering. Their family grew rapidly - and now they get to share their life and home with nine adopted kids. A cozy novel about the love of family, no matter what that family looks like. 

Status: First draft set aside at 29503 words

The Family


Other Characters

Cozy Family

  • Edwin & Medea Nicholl's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Rebekah Part 1)
    Barett (25) Wade (24) Kyra (23) Grayson (21) Natasha (21) Jada (19) Malakai (18) Gabrielle (17) Hagan (16) Logan (14) Zackary (13)
  • Roger & Abigail Roy's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Rebekah Part 1)
    Alexander (20) Adrian (19) Alexa (19) Malakao (18) Kason (17) Hagan (16) Zackary (13)
  • Ron & Faith Noel's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Rebekah Part 1)
    Rebekah Loving (17) Tyler Loving (13) Leah & Isaac Meijer (11)
  • Edwin & Medea Nicholl's Great Grandkids (ages as of the start of Loving You)
    Sarah Benjamin (19) Danielle Fay (18) Tabitha Benjamin (18) Eli Lessi (18) Jameson Michaud (17) Kyler Nicholl (17) Cody Fay (17) Lexie Fay (15) Sophie-Rose & Samuel Nicholl-Loving (14) Stephen Flannigan (13) Jinx Nicholl-Loving (13) Chaya Nicholl (12)
  • Roger & Abigail Roy's Great Grandkids (ages as of the start of Loving You)
    Asher Roy (17) Ava Roy-Buchannan (16) Arthur Roy-Buchannan (15) Alec Roy (15) Sophie-Rose & Samuel Nicholl-Loving (14) Madison Roy (14) Jinx Nicholl-Loving (13)
  • Ron & Faith Noel's Great Grandkids (ages as of the start of Loving You)
    Sophie-Rose & Samuel Nicholl-Loving (14) Jinx Nicholl-Loving (13) Janessa Meijer (11)
  • Marco & Gianina Toppi's Grandkids (ages as of the start of Growing Up Rosie)
    Imilia Belotti (19) Damon Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (17) Valentino Belotti (16) David Jessi Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (16) Bria Toppi (15) Danielle & Gabriel Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (15) Charlie Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (13) Ezra Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (12) Amaya Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (12) Liam Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (6) Lillinea Nicholl-Loving-Toppi (5)
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