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"An Italian band, with a little Welsh flair!" -Tova Twdwr

Tova Twdwr, sweet Welsh girl, has made Rome, Italy, her home so that she can study classical and ancient history. She's quiet - the kind of girl who finds hole-in-the-wall cafes, buys fresh flowers from tiny floral stands, and spends most of her days sprawled in the library, sneaking in tea and alternating between studying and watching bad television buried in the stacks of old books. The kind of girl who doesn't mind being on her own. Until she meets four friends, who are loud in every aspect, a band-in-the-making. Her quiet finds its words in their energy, as the five of them navigate new adulthood, the music world, and each other.



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Tova Twdwr left Wales to pursue her dreams in Academia in Rome. In the few moments she gets her nose out of her books, she's working at a museum and at a cafe. Her world is quiet - not lonely. But her quiet world takes on a whole new kind of rhythm when she meets Arcangelo in an elective class and he pulls her into a life with his three best friends, a band struggling to make a name for themselves. 

Status: First draft in the works at 18279 words

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Finally with a name, an album, and undergraduate degrees almost done, the band is working on getting used to their growing fame. Tova balances her life as an academic as the masters degree she has wanted to pursue since she was a child is within reach. The world is their for the taking, and they are getting ready to do it from a tour bus as the band sets out on a European tour, with their Welsh girl in tow. 

Status: First draft in the works at 10046 words



Academia and Arena Tours

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