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Shifter WIP

"We can do anything. But we do it together." - Tecket

Buffy the Vampire Slayer goes Victorian. // For fans of Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters.

Heavens and the Shadow Council push against each other, constantly at a boiling point that spills into the Human world as they antagonize each other. And somewhere in between is the very small Shapeshifter Council. Here, Shifters are free to live safely in Human and animal form. But to keep the peace, and to protect the Humans in The Upstairs, the Shapeshifter Council's most elite are the hunters. Those who are charged with maintaining the balance, and keeping the Human world and the Timeline safe. And The Pack, led by Lady Tecket Costa, are the best hunters the Council has seen in generations.


The Pack - Untitled #2 - Untitled #3



Lady Tecket Vulpes Costa

The Monster.png

Cosma Lupus

The Second.png

Malentha Emodie

The Chaos.png

Sade Felixs

The Newbie.png

Lord Adrastus Apyros

The Duke.png

Jytta Avam

The Calm.png

Aesira Dunie

The Hunter.png

Rowan Ursus

The Handler.png
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