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Midsummer Nightmares

"Trust this nightmare" -Cobweb/Collie Wiebe

Collie Wiebe is an up and coming track star at her school in Ripon, England. Her and her best friend Bal push each other, while trying to push out the sight of Bal's father dying in a hospital bed, his mind in the grips of fantasy he has mistaken for memory.

Except, she's not really Collie Wiebe.

As the sun sets, she trips through the woods, past the ruins of the old Abbey, and finds her way home: back in Fairyland. Attendant to Queen Titania, living under the rule of King Oberon, Collie is actually Cobweb, living between the Otherworld and Fairyland, tasked with keeping an eye on Bal: son of Nick Bottom. 



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Collie Wiebe. Rising track star along with her best friend Bal. 

Bal, whose father is dying in a hospital bed, his memories slipping away from him a little more everyday as he believes in the stories of a magical land...

A magical land where Collie is actually Cobweb, attendant to Queen Titania of Fairyland, who is forced to reside in the palace while the man she truly loves withers away in a hospital bed in the Otherworld. Cobweb has been tasked by the Queen and King Oberon to keep an eye on Nick Bottom, and his son: Bal. 

Status: First draft started at 6828 words

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The King and Queen have not awoken since the fairies - with their humans in tow - escaped The Dark into the Otherworld. With Fairyland and their leaders out of their reach, the scramble to find a way to save everything, before it's too late. While the attendants bicker about hierarchy and the humans are still finding their place with their new friends, Cobweb is struggling with the new secrets and revelations, that have brought as many questions as answers, and a new, terrifying kind of power.

Status: First draft started at 1224 words

Fairies and Friends


Magical Memories

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