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"Being Queen does not mean I have to stop being Amir." -Amir Skylock

The Princess Diaries, but Mia has a sword. // For fans of Victoria Aveyard, Kiera Cass, and KayLynn Flanders.

Theodore Crawford, a blossoming journalist, gets the assignment of a lifetime to produce a serial on the Princess of Skylock. As the kingdom grieves over the death of the oighre, the heir to the throne, his younger sister Amir is thrown into the position. A quiet girl who kept to the shadows, the kingdom and the castle want to see who she is, she who will be queen. Theo is invited in as an honoured guest to get to know every detail of the princess’ life. But from the moment he walked through the grand entrance of the castle, he never would have predicted that his life and the life of the Princess would be intertwined from the first moment. Full of heroes and heroines who come in all shapes and sizes, the adventures Theo and Amir face are bound to change the kingdom forever.


Ink & Crown Trilogy: 134,114 words

Ink & Crown Sequel Trilogy: 29,177 words

The Pack Trilogy: 38,858 words

Fairy Duology WIP: 26,146 words

Lovers Trilogy: 34,994 words

The Lise Chronicles: 195,617 words

Untitled Ballet School Duology WIP: 24,044 words

Chaotic Family WIP: 54,299 words

Small Town Trilogy WIP: 6,022 words

The Bird Witch Trilogy WIP: 53,541 words

Rebekah: 156,016 words

Boarding School WIP: 32,888 words

Archaeologist WIP: 3,796 words


Ink & Crown - Rain & Iron - Untitled #3



Princess Amir Daniella Skylock:
The Heir

Theodore Ritten Crawford:
The Writer


Crowns, swords & fountain pens

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