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Ballet WIP

"I'll catch you. Always."

Dance Academy x The Year After You

Losing her hearing was supposed to be the hardest part of her path to becoming a ballerina. Losing her partner in an onstage accident never even crossed her mind.

After an accident claimed the life of her dance partner - her best friend and the love of her life - in the middle of a performance, talented and Deaf dancer Rayona Hummel is forced to leave her elite New York ballet school. Starting over at the Arthur Leone School of Ballet on the other side of the country, Rayona must confront the fears she has been running from since the accident. As Rayona struggles with anxiety around stepping back onto the ballet stage, her new friends Eesha, Lane, and Jonah try to help her remember the joy they all found in dance. Past having to prove herself in a world that strives for complete perfection, Rayona's life as a ballerina has only thing in the way: herself.


Ballet Book 1 - Ballet Book 2

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Pointe Shoes +
Broken Hearts

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