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Bell & Beddow

In a cozy corner of Victoria, life is quiet and good. Welcome to the world of Nimh Bell and her adopted son Jackson, and Isaiah, the man slowly finding a place for himself in Nimh's life.

Nimh's Home

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Nimh worked multiple jobs throughout university and by the end of her master's was able to put the downpayment on a house in Victoria. When she bought it it was a fixer upper, and her and her best friend Daniel worked every weekend for six months to fix it up entirely. The house is surrounded by big trees, has a wraparound porch, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, and a big kitchen with. The two story house with no basement is always full of friends, family, music, and the smell of food and baking. The house is almost entirely overrun by plants, Nimh's obsession, and visitors often have to push leaves and vines out of the way to try and get from one place to another. From the moment she purchase it it was a safe place for her sister and her sister's friends, and soon became a loving home for her son. 

Nimh in University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at University of Victoria

University of Victoria Student Society 

Director of Campaigns 

Outdoor Club

Archery Club

Student Paper

Now I Make Haste (anonymous 'relatable' content)

Masters of Public Administration at University of Victoria

Isaiah in University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at University of Washington

Huskies Track & Field Team at University of Washington

Improv Club


Graduate Certificate in Project Management at Royal Roads University

Nimh at Work

Grade 8-12 Busser, Hostess, Expediter, Support Staff Manager at Gavin's dinner restaurant

Grade 9 Tim Horton's employee

Grade 10-11 Receptionist at a Everate Hotel

Grade 10-1st year Highland Dance teacher at Griffyn Highland Dancers

Grade 12 Receptionist at a Riverton Software Inc.

1st year Night receptionist and room service clerk at Queen Victoria Hotel

2nd year-4th year Bartender at The Mad Rabbit bar

2nd year Switchboard operator at Queen Victoria Hotel

3rd year-Masters Receptionist and Assistant at Wilmer & Co. Aquatic Engineers

Chief of Staff/Assistant to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Isaiah at Work

3rd year Barista at Brighton campus cafe

3rd year Track Coach at Reinhold Secondary School

Software programmer at Kyler Security Systems

Co-Owner Soterra Software & Security

Family trees

Legend: (D)=Deceased   Surname   (A)=Adopted   M:=Married   Boy   Girl   Non-Bianry



Karen + Victor

Flora + Rory

1: Isaiah

2: Garett

 1: Nimh

2: Avalon

K1: Jackson (A)

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