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The Pack

"We can do anything. But we do it together." - Tecket

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They call us nightmares...

As heaven and Hell struggled against each other, the Shapeshifter Council was tasked with protecting the Human World from the chaos created in the fight between ancient beings. The animal Shifters try to keep the peace, and keep The Timelines clear of any immenent threats.

Lady Tecket Costa – a Shifter, born to human parents – is leaer of The Pack, on of the Shapeshifter Council's most elite groups of Hunters. Tecket and her team have been tasked with a new case. Something is in Victorian London that should not be there, and it is killing the duaghters of the peerage. As they try to weave themselves and their secrets into polite society, The Pack encouters a set of problems they never could have trained for. 


Lady Tecket Vulpes Costa
The Monster

Lord Adrastus Apyros
The Marquis

The Monster.png

Cosma Lupa
The Second

The Second.png

Malentha Emondie
The Chaos

The Chaos.png

Sade Felixs
The Newbie

The Newbie.png
The Duke.png

Jytta Avam
The Calm

The Calm.png

Aesira Tao
The Assassin

The Hunter.png

Rowan Ursus
The Handler

The Handler.png
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