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A Picture's Worth

"I have privilege! Who would I be if I didn't use it to help?" ​-Jinx Nicholl-Loving

Rebekah and Malakai's youngest daughter always knew she wanted to have a job that would let her keep her camera in her hands. Jaqueline 'Jinx' Nicholl-Loving moved back to New York with her partner to puruse a photography career and was catapulted into the glamorous and flashy world of the fashion industry. But with everything good in front of her, she's still craving the adventure she had come to love in high school. Putting aside the safety of her current job, she's ready to find the next thing to point her camera at: and this time, it going to be a lot more dangerous than models.




Around the World in 1000 Words or Less
Like every other day for the two years since she's graduated university, Jinx is working in her studio with yet another model when she gets an offer from an old friend to join an expedition around the world. Dying for the adventure she craved before she had settled in the fashion industry, she decides to accept the invitation, and manages to turn it into a 12-month assignment with National Geographic to photograph as many amazing things as possible. Follow the youngest Nicholl-Loving as her team travels to wherever the dart lands on the map. 

Status: Planned


Don't Risk Taking Your Foot off the Path
Just starting to settle back into her routine in New York, Jinx leaves a high fashion photo shoot to have lunch with her brother at the Loving & Co. office. Jinx is left rattled as the news rolls through three stories of two women and a little girl sexually assaulted in California. Same day. Same crime. Completely unrelated. Jinx joins up with National Geographic again, this time hitting six new countries, documenting the faces of survivors across the world. Follow Jinx as she connects with people in six new countries. 

Status: Planned

Camera Lenses are Harder to Break Than You'd Think
Protests erupt around the world as staggering numbers of Black and Indigenous people are killed, immigrants are targeted, and racism that had so long been swept under the rug starts getting called out. As New York watches the streets fill with people demanding justice, Jinx does what she does best: records it. In a split second on her way home one night, she takes a photo of a young Black mother holding her baby being grabbed by a police officer. None of the American news outlets will publish the Jinx goes international. Jinx starts to recognize the power and privilege she has as a young, white photojournalist. So she straps on her boots and sets out to work on something new: what's happening right outside her door.
: Planned

On A List of Stupid Things...This is Near the Top
Jinx's photo was one of the ones chosen to remember the protests on the cover of TIME magazine. But to her, that isn't the accomplishment, and she has fallen in love with working with young people on photography, having donated over 200 professional cameras and running dozens of tutorials for at-risk youth across the country as she watches arts budgets get slashed. She's called up again by National Geographic and sent to Bolivia as the country dissolves into violent protests. With three other photographers, they're expected to watch what unfolds in the country...but instead, the lives and assignments of the four photographers will change the second they get off the plane. 

Status: Planned

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